If you can launch a browser, you can launch seeUwell

Whether you are at work or on vacation overseas

How it Works

“Dr. Smith will SeeUWell Now.”

Abbie’s routine follow-up visit was scheduled through SeeUWell. She sat in the break room of her office with her injured ankle elevated, just as Dr. Smith advised. It had been a long recovery, but thanks to SeeUWell, she avoided trips to the emergency room. She was glad she didn’t have to leave work to see her doctor, she needed the income.

She touched the SeeUWell app on her iPad and read inspiring work about Dr. Smith in her virtual waiting room. The stories made Abbie proud Dr. Smith was her doctor. She also heard about valuable products Dr. Smith recommended. “Dr. Smith will SeeUWell now,” a pleasant voice announced, and there on her iPad appeared Dr. Smith AND her orthopedic specialist! Together they discussed the most recent x-ray of her ankle. Abbie used her native language to type her progress in a chat box during the tele-visit to best explain herself, and her doctors read a real time translation of her writing to best understand her needs.

“Everything is healing very well, and I see the bruising is gone,” Abbie heard Dr. Smith say. Her orthopedic specialist smiled and agreed, and Abbie was given the green light to start exercising again. “We are glad to SeeUWell,” the pleasant voice said as Abbie thanked and waved goodbye to her doctors. Then she headed back to her desk thinking about the walk she would enjoy that evening.

Product Description

Easy to use

SeeUWell is a Telehealth innovation that can be launched from a browser or a mobile application. If you can launch a browser, you can launch SeeUWell to see your patients anywhere and anytime. It requires little bandwidth, is encrypted for security, and does not store any communication data.

Supported by all platforms

SeeUWell is supported by Windows, Mac, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and IE platforms. With the click of a button, you can configure your health and wellness programs with fast implementation and simple integration. SeeUWell is easy to use for routine visits, e-consultation visits, and care-coordination follow ups.

Integrated or standalone

SeeUWell can be implemented as an integrated or standalone Telehealth solution. This is a breakthrough in the Telehealth industry! Health and wellness providers can utilize SeeUWell on its own or integrate the software with Ledabour’s state of the art wellness kiosks. Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration is available, but not required for use.

Who Can Use SeeUWell?

If you can launch a browser, you can use SeeUWell. Whether you are at work, on vacation overseas, in urban, rural, underserved areas, or wealthy regions, we strive to make health and wellness care easy to manage for your patients and YOU. The following are examples of locations where SeeUWell can make health and wellness more accessible:

  • Accountable Care Establishments
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Community Health Centers
  • Convenient Care Clinics
  • Correctional Facilities
  • Doctor’s Offices
  • Employer Clinics
  • Federally Qualified Health Centers
  • Health and Wellness Programs
  • Health Specialty Offices
  • Home Care Agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing Homes
  • Personal Trainers
  • Pharmacies
  • Physical Therapy Centers
  • Rural Health Centers
  • Satellite Heath Locations – (such as health clubs, gyms, malls, grocery stores, airports, etc.)
  • Specialists – (such as cardiovascular, dermatology, neurology, oncology, behavior health, mental health)
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Urgent Care Clinics
  • Veteran Facilities
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Telehealth Developments at National and State Levels

As health and wellness providers move from the volume based delivery of health services to a patient-centric, value-based model offered by SeeUWell, the nation and world will move with it to achieve a higher quality of care, improve patient outcomes, and lower healthcare costs.

  • Telehealth Enhancement Act of 2013, H.R.3306, seeks to add Medicare home health payments to remote monitoring services and expanding coverage to all critical access and sole community hospitals.
  • The Telehealth Modernization Act, HR 3750, seeks to establish a federal standard for telehealth and clear up the confusion from myriad state policies.
  • The TELEhealth for MEDicare (TELE-MED) Act of 2013, HR 3077, would allow Medicare providers to treat patients electronically across state lines without having to obtain multiple state medical licenses.
  • The 21st Century Care for Military & Veterans Act, HR 3507, would expand access to telehealth services for veterans and their families.
  • The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced changes to Medicare’s 2014 physician fee schedule to expand coverage incrementally for telehealth services.
  • The Alliance for Connected Care was launched recently by former US Senators Tom Daschle, Trent Lott and John Breaux. The group will focus on raising awareness about the benefits of telehealth, while at the same time pushing for regulations that will not impede patient access to care. – Ernst & Young LLP. (2012). Shaping your Telehealth strategy. Health Care Industry Post, 3. http://www.ey.com/Publication/vwLUAssets/EY-shaping-your-telehealth-strategy/$FILE/EY-shaping-your-telehealth-strategy.pdf

Consider the Headline

Rural Community Hospital provides access to specialists with SeeUWell

A not for profit health care organization, serving more than 800,000 vulnerable residents through community hospital, home care, and hospice plans linked with one of the nation’s top teaching hospitals through SeeUWell. The Telehealth collaboration utilizes e-visits and e-consults for critical care ICU consults, inpatient and outpatient neurology, infectious disease, geriatrics, psychology, cardiology and more.

Challenges that had plagued the rural medical center involved limited access to specialists. Expensive patient transfers and long wait times for specialist appointments reduced patient outcomes and increased overall health care costs. SeeUWell, in enabling specialists to provide “anytime, anywhere” care to patients, helps both organizations operate more efficiently and cost effectively. Both organizations are generating new sources of revenue while improving patient care….